This vulgar, perverted, womanizing sexual predator wants YOUR advertising budget to fund his sordid, sleazy, hedonistic lifestyle.
DON'T become yet another victim of this compulsive lying con-man.

Vile, womanizing sex pervert, Leo Laporte, tarnishes the reputation of all who associate with him as a result of his crooked, salacious, and markedly perverted behavior on his sordid, sleazy and failing podcast network That so-called network is a crooked, immoral organization, whose TOXIC reputation is tarnished with multiple sex-scandals, where the CEO slept with him in order to get the job, thus wrecking Laporte's pre-existing twenty-year marriage, causing the mental collapse of his daughter, and costing him 50% of his crappy company in the ensuing divorce settlement.

Leo Laporte has a history of carelessly exposing his private sex life on the air and making inappropriate sexual remarks towards men, women AND children.

How an abusive womanizing sex pervert alienates his sponsor's customers: #twitlive
March 01, 2014
ScooterX: MisterM: nope, its all ads all day
MisterM: I rememer the good old days when Leo would limit ads.
ScooterX: MisterM: and how has today changed?
MisterM: There are more ads per segments. There are even ads during the radio breaks. Does not help that is the same product over and over again for the past couples of years
ScooterX has kicked MisterM from #twitlive (I remember the day when there was less trolling)
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It first began when the sexual predator was secretly cheating on his wife with the resident office slut. This sordid affair was publicly exposed when Leo Laporte accidentally revealed his sleazy phone text messages live on air that read "Come over, I'm naked in bed waiting for you. The door is open. I still smell and taste you":

Barely a year later, and he only went and did exactly the same thing again! Leo Laporte was ineptly demonstrating something on his computer as usual when he accidentally showed a filthy sex-text message from his mistress. It read "I want to. Your cock inside me. Wanna fuck?"

The most pathetic part is that the sender, the shameless Lisa Kentzell has no genuine interest in this revolting gluttonous pervert. In actual fact, she's just a professional gold-digger who slept with Laporte to secure the CEO job at TWiT for herself. For a sexual predator like Leo Laporte, this technicality is irrelevant. After all, as that second sex text demonstrated, it takes a relentless nymphomaniac like Lisa Kentzel just to keep up with the vile Leo Laporte's ravenous, perverted sexual appetite.

“Come sit on my lap! Oh yeah, that's just Leo - ignore him.
He's a little bit of a dirty old man here.”
- Vile, womanizing sex pervert, Leo Laporte @LeoLaporte joking about the rampant sexual harassment at his company

Leo Laporte's tediously dull, dreadfully outdated radio show "The Tech Guy" is a pitiful abomination during which a failed 1990s TV has-been pretends to be a tech expert. The show has long since descended into six hours every weekend of "Let Me Google That For You" interspersed with a nauseating procession of notorious, unemployed, shameless shills from various industries, all of whom are so desperate for any sort of exposure, they all appear every week for free.

In one episode, while broadcasting live on air in May 2015, sex pervert Leo Laporte transmitted the output of his laptop computer. It showed the content of his photo collection, which included both a photo of his penis, and his gold-digging mistress asleep in bed:

His entire online audience, including young children, were exposed to Leo Laporte's vile, sickening photo collection. A compulsive, bare-faced liar, Leo Laporte, attempted to deal with the incident by actually blaming his audience for making the whole incident up! Indeed, to this very day, the hapless deviant continues to label everyone who questions his salacious, perverted sexual behavior as a "troll."

Indeed, his professional reputation, such as it was, never recovered from this social faux-pas. covered the story on their site, as did With breath-taking, shocking levels of arrogance, the narcissistic Leo Laporte began describing himself as a "victim of Gawker" as a result.

Review the public outrage about this incident here.

Leo Laporte - a joke in his own industry

What sort of companies would associate their precious, valuable brands with such an infamous sex pervert like Leo "Dick Pic" Laporte?

“You're kind of stuck with me, since it's MY company.
Maybe YOU should go somewhere else!”
- Vile, womanizing sex pervert, Leo Laporte @LeoLaporte to his female members of staff who make a stand against his sexual harassment

A few months later, sex pervert Leo "Dick Pic" Laporte demonstrated that he had learnt nothing from that repulsive incident. While demonstrating a digital smart-watch he was wearing, Leo Laporte inadvertently exposed the image he had uploaded onto the device - a photo of his mistress's vagina that he carries with him everywhere.

Review the public outrage about this incident here.

Yet ANOTHER further sleazy incident happened a short time later when Leo Laporte once again accidentally exposed his perverted fetish indulgences with his dominatrix sham-marriage "wife" on air. The filthy pervert transmitted his laptop screen again while he was reviewing his Google search history during an episode of the "This Week in Google" show.

A notoriously fat, morbidly obese, diabetic glutton, Leo Laporte revealed that he had been using Google to search for instructions on how to assemble a newly purchased "sex-swing":

Have you spotted the pattern yet?!? In July 2016, in YET ANOTHER accidental photo exposure, Leo Laporte inadvertently showed his audience the following revolting image. What sort of sixty-five-year-old man paints his toenails red?

“See, this is the problem.
Of course you say you don't mind because I could fire you if you said you minded!”
- Vile, womanizing sex pervert, Leo Laporte @LeoLaporte on the blatent sexual harassment at TWiT LLC

Perverted sexual predator, Leo Laporte, can also regularly be seen groping women live on air with impunity.

For example, here, and unable to control himself, the vile pervert announces "Oh, I want more than that!" and sexually gropes an unsuspecting Jolie O'Dell live on air:

Evil womanizing predator, Leo Laporte, continues to sexually harass all of his female employees openly and with impunity until THEY themselves are forced to quit. We continue to do everything possible to bring about the swift conviction and extended incarceration of this sick sex pervert as soon as possible.

“I spent all yesterday in arbitration. Just terrible! Terrible!”
- Vile, womanizing sex pervert, Leo Laporte @LeoLaporte on where his poisonous, abusive, morally bankrupt, sleazy behavior leads to

It is not just employees and guest presenters who unwittingly put themselves in danger by agreeing to appear on air with him. Perverted sexual predator, Leo Laporte, NEVER misses an opportunity to stroke or fondle female audience members who allow the lecherous pervert to get too close. These assaults take place in full view of the cameras, while all-the-time the subversive womanizer hopes that the rest of the audience won't notice:

“Have you ever put YOUR finger in a dyke?!?”
- Vile, womanizing sex pervert, Leo Laporte @LeoLaporte to an innocent, pre-teen child who was in the audience

Even children are not safe from this blatant, predatory sex pervert.

Watch Leo Laporte make sexual remarks about a thirteen-year-old girl, and then, incredibly, observe the sick, morally-bankrupt creep have the audacity to actually blame the mother of that child for HIS repulsive remarks:

Review the public outrage about this incident here.

“That's why women should always wear dresses!
So that they can shake their muff out!”
- Vile, womanizing sex pervert, Leo Laporte @LeoLaporte Employees - Conspirators, every one of them:

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